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Monday, February 2, 2009

Policy towards peaceful Palestine; No probability possesses Gaza penetration

“Blood is the most valueless, worthless and insignificant thing in the world” is probably a statement not to be accepted accusing of its atypical meaning to guarantee respect en route for human community. On the contrary to this account if someone says “The blood of the Palestinian people is the least valuable, most unnecessary and redundant thing in the world” it seems that most of ‘you’ have no say to this corollary. Yes! Here the pronoun ‘you’ has been used in italic completely enthusiastically as the indication of the pronoun varies from person to person. If this ‘you’ encircles the so called world leaders; no matter they are from two Americas, European Union, Arab land or where not let alone atrocious Jews larders, the previous assumption expressed in the second phase is obviously beyond question. On the other hand if this ‘you’ envelops world’s mass and moral based community they will strongly rebuff the blood peeling ferocious assault towards the fortune deprived Palestinian people thought the real tragedy is that the mass are always thrown away from the scale of judgment regarding whatever is to be time-honored as well as abandoned. Consequently the same blood from the Israeli acquires the highest worth but embraces only negligence if drops from the innocent Palestinian people; the real possessor of the Arab land. The last one sided assail on Gaza strip from Israel, really to be read America in lieu of Israel as many argue her as ‘Middle Eastern version of America, is nothing but another burning example of such brutal treatment towards Arab Muslims of Palestine.

The almost month long shadow American molest on Gaza is, in fact, a duplication of frequently, at least once in a year, harassment on Palestinian people to destroy their slow decaying psychological and physical strength for thirst for independency, ownership of own land won unjustly by Israeli hyenas by means of tricky play of international playmakers from the field of international politics. This molest, however, includes every type of inhuman activities from using white phosphorus bomb, though prohibited from any angle of international law, to human-shield. In the name of bringing to a halt the simple rocket firing by Hamas she used all sorts of ultramodern conventional weapons from the tri-sided application I.e. navy, army, air force and what not. Was the target Hamas or the unarmed and sinless deprived people? If Hamas was the goal then the answer is Israeli attack went completely in vain as only below fifty Hamas activists were killed whenever more than thirteen hundred people were roughly slaughtered with an unimaginable loss of twenty thousand habitats, one thousand and five hundred mills, factories, workshops, countless mosques and even schools driven by UN and so forth. For this reason it has been mentioned in the above that the attack was not for hunting Hamas but a routine work of Israel to seal Palestinian independence in a slow and sluggish, but definitely effective, way. The real goal of this writing is, however, to review the upshot and characteristics of the assault from the political backdrop of the region not merely portraying the fact of damage, killing and other physically visible items as you are already well known about those matters including pictures through news papers and other print and electronic media available around you.

Through Gaza assail there has been created a never erasing crack in two fronts i.e. between and among Palestinians as well as Arab leaders since Hamas has already pointed fingers towards Fatah for backing up Israel to rein in Hamas leaders from their dens. This is the first time when one Palestinian is accused of helping their common adversary the Zionist against another of Palestinian. Though there are inescapable differences between Hamas and Fatah from political point of view as well as policy adopting process, there was no direct clash at least in a massive scale till Arafat’s death let alone lending a hand to Israel against one another. But this time honored unwritten principle between Hamas and Fatah is now under question which from any point of view is the most important achievement for Israel. What a wonderful equation it is for Israel that a Palestinian goes against another Palestinian! This tendency of split has been glimpsed in the second level as Arab leaders also became divided in captivating any united choice. Though never in any phase of history Arabs leaders were capable to capture a combined step in any affair, it is also true they have crafted an amalgamated choice whenever there was attack from Israel on the Palestine. But now at the peak of climax of slaughtering, destroying and eradicating Palestinian they showed differences in the question of Hamas. What a tragedy it is for the Palestinian people that the age old policy of divide and rule is now getting on the extreme level against them not only by their national leaders but also by regional leaders through a tactful policy applied by the Western powers. Is that the last catastrophe for Palestine? If you are an open eyed person with a power of filtering politics, some eye-catching changing, which go beyond the region, have already been scanned by you. Let’s excavate that scenario.

In the above lines we have visualized development of state within the region but there have been taken place some apparent transformations in the political behavior beyond the region. The most important one is the USA’s stand which meets a u-turn in the latest Gaza attack. Prior to that attack all the affairs related to Middle East were tightly controlled, visualized, organized and even materialized under a full attachment of the USA’s attitude, willing, permission and signal. This is the first time when Israel could manage the USA to resettle the decision in UN by direct force though taken, nurtured and made with full attachment of her secretary of foreign affairs. America is always used as safeguard for Israel in UN but not by force which happened first in the event of Gaza. What does it say? You may think nothing but the scenario tells that the full control of the USA is shifting to Israel as she is not willing to rule the region via America. If it comes true, the total phenomenon will change not only dramatically but also drastically as Israel has no intention to pay any heed towards international law, customs and rituals. In spite of this interpretation we may have another alternative that this was an exception which was possible for the weak leadership of Mr. Bush and with the visionary and missionary aim of Obama, the new Afro-American black inhabitant in White House, any kind of disobedience from Israel is possible to be curbed. We all hope this to come true but reality, most of the time, does not follow common will. Another significant change was Canada’s new stand about the attack in UN. Though in reality none of the Western powers takes any step goes against Israel, they always try to act as if they did supporting the Palestinian people. Now in this case Canada went directly against Palestine. You can never take it as a usual incident as it may pave the way for other Euro-American nations to go directly against Palestine in future dangers. If it happens frequently Palestine will turn into nothing but a hell or grave for Arab.

After the whole discussion now make a bird’s eye view on the total aftermath of the Gaza assault. The facts that will come in your mind can be described in short as the division of Palestinian people as well as Arab leaders in the region and transformation of power structure from the USA to Israel and at the same time an alteration of Euro-American, excluding the USA, moral support from Palestine to Israel. If those happen why I should not say what I depicted in the first paragraph within inverted commas-“The blood of the Palestinian people is the least valuable, most unnecessary and redundant in the world.” Tell me why I should not say it!


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